Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yard House

Yard House is one of my favorite restaurants, though it is mostly known as an alcoholic establishment.

"The Ukrainian" and I used to come here pretty often, but now that we are older, wise, and poorer (kidding, of course!), Yard House and I had been strangers for a while.

A colleague (yes, I know I use that word to describe my classmates AND co-workers, or basically anyone I've met since I graduated from college) and I went to happy hour here. While I have always liked the vegetarian choices here, they started using Gardein, which opened up a whole new world!

Above: My raspberry ale. So originally, I wanted to run after this (early) happy hour, but that never happened. I think I was pretty ridiculous to think the run could still happen! But that's okay... I did it the next morning. No, I did not get a hangover. I had maybe half of this and half of another beer.

Above: Gardein buffalo pieces. The sauce was AWESOME and definitely had a kick. I haven't had any buffalo-flavored anything in YEARS. Gotta replicate it and make it with tofu.

Above: I think this was a Korean-BBQ-type dish. =D

Above: Thai pizza... those strips of chicken are faux chicken. I thought it tasted a little charred and the pizza kind of too spicy, but I ate this over the next few days without too many issues (even with the cheese it included!).

Our server kept changing, which kept things interesting. We almost got a bunch of things we did not order. =)

It had been years since I have made it to happy hour (probably about 5), so this was much-appreciated and much, much needed. Thanks to the brave people who dared to be around me last week when I was malfunctioning.


  1. i've never heard of this place! so cool there's a bar place with veggie options.

  2. I love Yardhouse and used to frequent it often and ordered their california sushi roll appetizer, the one that comes is a huge chunk and not sushi at all?

    I'm glad to know they serve Gardein products. I haven't been for awhile and I'm now intrigue. I'll keep that in mind in the future.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.