Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Would You Rather: Richer, Smarter, Thinner, Younger?

Race photos for my recent half-marathon are out! Here comes me, the charging bull!


Most of the time, I am listening to Latino 96.3 on the radio. They play some mainstream pop and hip-hop as well as top Spanish songs. I dig the variety, but even moreso, I dig the DJs. This morning's topic of discussion was:

Would you rather be richer, smarter, thinner, or younger?

Loved listening to the callers' and DJs' answers! Honestly, I don't know! If I had to rank 'em, I'd probably go with:

1) Smarter
2) Richer
3) Thinner
4) Younger

The way I see it, being smart will get you the riches... maybe. As for thinner... it would be nice, but not nearly as enticing as the first two. And then finally, I'm sure the fourth choice will move to the top at some point in life, but to me, youth=restrictions, so no thanks.

So in the spirit of this "Would You Rather" business, I was thinking of ones applicable to runners and came up with this set:

Would you rather run longer, better, faster, or stronger? -- okay, so I stole that from Kanye West (who stole it from Daft Punk)

Here's the REAL set:

1) All other things equal, would you rather run a marathon or two half-marathons in one weekend?

2) If they had the same fitness benefits, would you rather train HARD for 3 days a week or EASY for 5?

3) Would you rather adopt a vegan diet or gluten-free diet during the week before a race?

4) Would you rather run a 10K in 40 degrees (F) or 90 degrees (F)?

5) Which would you rather have at race aid stations: beer or Coke?

I'll post my answers in the comments...


  1. 1) I'd rather run a marathon -- for the glory and the extra day of rest!

    2) Using the same logic as #1, I'd rather do three hard workouts. I think it would save me time, and I'm all for that. Maybe I need to re-evaluate my future training programs...

    3) Vegan -- it is pretty easy, actually!

    4) 40 degrees (if you know me, this was a "duh" answer)

    5) Coke, though if Pepsi was the alternative, I might have picked beer

  2. oooh interesting!
    1)i think i'd rather run a marathon (cuz it sounds cooler.)
    2)train easy for 5 days (because too many days off drives me bonkers.)
    3)i don't know enough about a vegan or GF diet so i don't know how to answer.
    4)40 degrees
    5)what kind of beer are we talking about?

  3. What a fun post! I'm not a runner but will go along with it.

    1) A marathon.
    2) 3 hard workouts. I like pushing it!
    3) Probably vegan.
    4) 40 degrees because you can warm up on a run easier than cooling down.
    5) Beer!

  4. Hmmm. The older I get the richer I want to be....

    1. Two halfs. I just detest the boredom beyond the 18th mile
    2. 5 easy. Unless it's on a treadmill. I enjoy being outside.
    3. Vegan. Gotta have my baked goods (cakes, cookies, pies)
    4. 40 degrees. Aleays eaiser to stay warm than it is to get cool.
    5. Pepsi. Comes form being an old stockholder.