Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 10/31 - 11/6

I've been having a rough time lately because I'm feeling under the (constantly-changing) weather and feeling exhausted for some reason. And then there's this weird ankle soreness that won't seem to go away...

Maybe this is a healthy sign of recovery?

At any rate, I am starting to doubt I will do well in the marathon. I've been training way too slow to accomodate my fatigue, burnout, and injuries. I am just going to hope for the best and try to take care of myself.

Also, I've decided to stop training in 2010 after the marathon. No runs over 5-6 miles, and I expect I will mostly be content with 3-milers and other forms of exercise. I love the rush of running races, but I really do think that the percentage of time that it isn't fun anymore is approaching 90.

Yes, I am still planning on registering for LA Marathon as soon as I get back from San Antonio, but I'm going to use a minimal amount of training to get ready for it. No more vain attempts to get faster by upping the miles. Stay tuned.


This Week's Workouts:

Sunday - rest

Monday - 10 (of 12 that were planned) mi (to make up for last week) - mixed venues
I was supposed to run yesterday but woke up very late and decided to rest one more day. Considering this run was more than all of last week combined, I'll take it.

Tuesday - 4 (of 5) mi; 15 min upright bike; 15 min abs/arms

Wednesday - 5 (of 4) mi - outdoors

Thursday - 1 (of 4) mi; 30 min upright bike; 20 min strength; [ planned - 20 min yoga ]
I am not doing so well. Left ankle pain became tight arch pain, which is now compounded with an outer left shin pain that feels terrible. @#$%

Friday - 15 min upright bike; 30 min strength/abs; 10 min stretch

Saturday - 8 mi - outdoors

Weekly Mileage: 28

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