Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 10/3 - 10/9

Tons of mileage on this page! Probably won't do all of them...


This Week's Workouts:

Sunday - 13(.1) miles due to Camarillo Half-Marathon

Monday - 0 (of 5) miles; 45 min cardio (stepper/bike/elliptical); 20 min strength/abs

Tuesday - (approximately b/c I didn't have my Garmin) 8 mi - outdoors (well, the first mile was outdoors)
A cool, crisp low-50's with some light winds... although it wasn't a perfect run, I felt very good in some parts and had a strong start and finish. Dare I say that I enjoyed it, for once! I think cool weather might be the antidote to my running slump as of late.

Wednesday - 1 (of 5) miles; 40 min cardio, 15 min strength

Thursday - 5 mi - outdoors

Friday - 10 min s. bike; 30 min strength/stretch/foam roll
"Foam roll" Fridays are in full swing!

Saturday - 21.55 (of 20) mi - outdoors
I was feeling good during the first couple of hours and decided to do my first ever more-than-20 training run. Although the last few miles were ugly (thank you, McDonald's, for giving me water and salt), I felt pretty good and could have made it to 22 but it was getting hot and late as I miscalculated my route.

Weekly Mileage: 48.55

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  1. Hey Julie, I want to personally say thanks for your response on my blog. I really admire and respect your honesty, and value your opinion! I am happy to hear that you have found balance, and are enjoying what you are doing through your blog! Keep it up :-)