Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 10/24 - 10/30

I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am that it's time to taper. As you can see by my training so far, I've really been making a better-than-usual effort to stick with the training. And by golly, I've been way better than average when it comes to sticking to it, even though it started sliding off perfection during the second half (of 18 weeks, though).

My goals for this taper period are:

1) Appreciate not having to run 8-milers on weekdays. (Thank GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

2) Eat more vegetables.

3) Not get injured. You see, I've been careful not to push too hard in vain efforts to increase my speed. I've learned that I run a whole darn lot faster if I am NOT injured. (I consider this the most important goal.)

4) Keep up with my supplements and SLEEP.

5) Don't get sick. Related to #4. A feat, since I think something is going around.

6) I'm going to make an extra effort not to take anymore walk breaks during my remaining runs. I have been using walk breaks as a way to cope with being weak from low iron/stress and my injuries, which was fine, but now I think I need to reassure myself that I can push through the distance. Funny thing is, my breaks can range from once a mile to once an hour, so I KNOW I have it in me to run continuously.

7) Prepare to enjoy myself in San Antonio.

8) Finalize my marathon playlist.

9) Figure out which shoes I'm going to wear to the race.

10) Yoga... in the extra time that I am not using to run, I plan on doing more of this during my taper period. While I have been trying to incorporate as part of stretching a couple times a week, I think full-on sessions would be helpful.


This Week's Workouts:

Sunday - rest

Monday - 0 (of 5) mi; 15 min upright bike @ 10.0r; 15 min elliptical; 20 min strength/stretch
Better safe than sorry. See Goal #3 above. My left ankle has been out of commission since Saturday's 20-miler. Noticed my foot was hurting during the run, but it wasn't that bad of a nuisance until Sunday. It can't handle much weight right now, let alone running. Here's to waiting until tomorrow!

Tuesday - 2-ish (of 6) mi - mixed venues; 20 min upright bike; 20 min calisthenics (sp?)
Shamefully did not make target again. While I COULD have run on my ankle, it was having varying levels of irritation that made me think it be stupid to try to keep going. Tomorrow's another day. At least I got the big runs out of the way, right?

Wednesday - maybe about 2 (of 5) mi and 30 min cardio; 10 min weights/stretch

Thursday - 5 (of 4) mi - outdoors
Like I could possibly make up for this week... so bad.... and admittedly had to walk about half of this.

Friday - 15 min upright bike; 45 min strength/stretch (including lower body weights)

Saturday - deferred long run until Sunday

Weekly Mileage: 9

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  1. I really hope you avoid whatever is going around. It's always the worse feeling to catch something not too long before a big event.