Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Photo Entry 22: Pumpkin Things

Fall is awesome, along with all the flavors that come with it. Here are some of my flavor abuses of the season:

Above: Pumpkin oatmeal with hazelnut milk.

Above: Oops, this isn't pumpkin, but it IS Fall-related. I tend to crave ramen when it's cold. (No, I did not eat that meat in my bowl, but I know someone who did!)

Above: These sweet-potato fries are CLOSE to pumpkin, right? Pictured with a faux-chicken wrap from Green Earth Vegan in Pasadena, CA. This place (and Whole Foods) has allowed me to stay away from vegan fast food.

Above: I was running one evening after work, and the crisp breeze made me crave pumpkin IMMEDIATELY. I picked up an expensive can of pumpkin after my run and whipped up this muffin and some friends below:

Above: Plenty was shared an enjoyed by all! They (recipe here) were moist, but the bottoms didn't want to stay with the rest of the breads.

Above: You better bet I tried THIS. The flavor was subtle, but definitely good!

Above: Fall-related wine...

Above: Finally, some Odwalla vegan protein beverage that I picked up one day in curiosity. This was reminiscent of pumpkin, but I really wanted more sweetness or thickness...

Above: I learned there were pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts available at Target. My pumpkin-loving self went to three different locations before finding the motherload -- there were maybe 12 boxes hiding there. I only bought 2 packages, one for "The Ukrainian" and one for the little sis.

Above: Pop-Tarts don't contain much filling, but make no mistake -- this is a very yummy pastry. The pumpkin spice flavor comes through, and the frosting (although unnecessary) was a nice complement.


  1. I looooove Pumpkin stuff. I try to get as much as of it as I can before it goes away. Yum!

  2. Thank you for your article ... All the best