Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 9/26 - 10/2

My upcoming half-marathon will probably sway me toward toning down the mileage this week. I don't want to deviate, but I do want to do well in that race...

**I modified tp 4 days of 4-milers due to my coach's input. "The Ukrainian" is my coach. =D I'm pretty beat up from last week.

This Week's Workouts:

Sunday - rest

Monday - 1.5 (of 5 mi); 20 min strength; 30 min stepper
Alarm woke me instead of me waking naturally (unusual). 80 degrees at 5:30 AM. Decided to screw the run and cross-train. Yay for phoning it in!!!

Tuesday - 4 (of 8 mi)

Wednesday - 4 (of 5 mi); 15 min weights; 5 min stretching

Thursday - 5 mi - outdoors
I had actually planned on 4, but oh well; this is the only run so far this week that met the mileage was prescribed by the schedule

Friday - 10 min, 40 min strength

Saturday - rest

Weekly Mileage: 14.5

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