Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 9/12 - 9/18

I see freakish weekday and an even more freakish weekend run. Will I make it?????

Ay caramba!


This Week's Workouts:

Sunday - rest

Monday - 4 mi; 30 min stepper; 10 min s. bike; 10 min strength
As ambitious as I was to try to do Tuesday's 8-miler on Monday, I had my preliminary dissertation oral defense and really didn't want to exhaust myself beforehand.

I had to present my research idea (with theory and all that) to my 3-faculty committee and basically allow them to fire at me. Fortunately, they were all really supportive and not too harsh. There was a lot of academic discussion and questions directed toward me that made my head spin, and after nearly 2 hours, my chair asked me to step out of the room while they discussed my fate.

The verdict: 2 committee members signed my Dissertation Contract; my chair withheld her signature until some changes are made. This is the typical outcome for "prelims," according to my chair and the one I had expected. So in spite of the fact that there's more to do before I can even collect data, I'm happy that I don't have to defend again until the end. In short, I passed. My committee congratulated me on a job well done as they signed. Whew!

So much for workout log, huh?

Tuesday - 4 (of 8) mi - outdoors
Was not planning on doing the whole 8 miles due to time restraints. Running is important, but so is work, and perhaps less really IS more... Might be re-evaluating if two long-ish runs during the week is working for me. Well, I KNOW it's not working, so will prob start cutting it down like I did today. Guess I'm not all that hardcore after all, and frankly I am short on time and will. Still motivated to train as well as possible, but there HAS to be a better way!

Wednesday - 8 mi - outdoors

Thursday - 4 mi; 5 min upright bike & weights

Friday - 10 min s. bike; 35 min strength; 15 min stretch; 2 mi walk

Saturday - 17 mi - outdoors
First negative-splitter (by a huge margin) I've had in a while, or ever. Maybe I can start adopting this approach for racing, but really, I was just feeling SO sluggish in the beginning.

Weekly Mileage: 37

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