Friday, September 24, 2010

Vegan Brownies & Daiya-sadilla

After not being able to find canned pumpkin for a long time, I finally found a some in... what other place... but Hollywood!

Above: I was pretty darn happy with the find, but I think "The Ukrainian" was even happier, as he knew baked goods were coming his way!

While Fall spices and lattes are thrilling to me, I mainly only wanted the pumpkin for one thing: vegan brownies.

Last year, I discovered this recipe on Recipezaar/ and got rave reviews. I'm not much of a brownie person, but I couldn't stop eating these. I'm not sure what it is -- I think the flavors are just SO much deeper than normal brownies.

The only substitution I make each time I make these brownies is swapping half the applesauce for pumpkin. I think I erred in this first batch of the season by not adding enough pumpkin, or overmixing the dough. Oh well, that huge can should be enough for a couple more batches!

Above: Wet and dry.

Above: Not sure if these chips are truly vegan... is cocoa butter still butter? Fortunately, I'm not that strict, but if you are, beware!

Above: I flubbed a bit with the portion (doubling the recipe), so I had some batter on my hands, literally. Bad news! But then again, at least I'm not licking up butter or raw eggs!

Above: I neglected to take a picture of the final product (the shot above is from my archives) because "The Ukrainian" made me these HEAVENLY vegan yummies with leftover Daiya shreds, whole wheat tortillas, and canned jalapeno. I vaguely suggested this last week, but he really came through and made it. The cheese worked really well here, retaining its meltiness. The marinara worked, too! "The Ukrainian" leaves the baking to me... I leave the quesadillas to him.

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  1. I gotta get me some of that Daiya cheese. I've only had it on the vegan pizza at Whole Foods but I really like the taste. Don't know what I would do with a whole bag though. I haven't had cheese in so long, not sure what I would do with so much cheese.