Friday, September 17, 2010

Vegan Alfredo Pizza

So here is my first (and only??) attempt at doing a video blog on a vegan pizza recipe I saw on Sound Eats (though I blew it in the video... but now I got it straight!).

Please excuse my post-work disheveledness, nervousness, and my lack of knowing how to use my camera. I tried to keep the video light-hearted and informal, though I probably should have rehearsed or something!

Overall, I thought this pizza was pretty creamy. I am interested in trying more Daiya vegan cheese, though its use may be limited to pizza and quesadillas. The combination of flavors was good -- I did alter the recipe a little, but overall, it should be the same. I didn't like the thick hummus on there... need to get a thinner one next time.

If this flies over well, I may try again.

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