Saturday, September 4, 2010


Please excuse me if elements are moving around the blog...

To distract myself from my prelims in a couple of weeks, I squandered and gave my blog a facelift.

Why couldn't I give myself a facelift? Or at least paint my nails? Or groom myself? Schoolwork brings out the worst in me. But it might be doing something good for this blog.

On that note, Blogger has been doing a great job making things more "doable" than they used to be. While I do have some web programming experience, much of my ambitions toward that have downright died since I started graduate school. Therefore, thank you, Blogger!

At some point, I am probably going to re-do this banner with one of my own illustrations/cartoon caricatures of myself rather than my human form (who actually wants to see that??). Yes, I have a cartoon version of myself that is recognizable to those who know me.

Yep, this is me during high school, drawn by myself in high school.

I have a few of these types of illustrations/comics of myself... maybe I'll share more one day. And yes, I'm still at it... you should have seen how many people asked me for a board drawing before I left my previous job...

The newer version of me is fatter and cuter, and doesn't have glasses, though! (see below -- Cartoon Me has lost the glasses and grew a pull-and-speak string in the back!)

I will need a good scanner, though.... I'm actually going to work on doing a comic documenting my journey to a PhD in comparison to running a marathon... once it seems like it's in foreseeable reach. Something to look forward to, right?!

Above: My fictional prom with my beanie tiger, Shady. Yes, I really did go to my junior prom, but with an actual human male. Still, I was apparently very satirical back then!

Finally, Happy 6(x7 = 42 dog years)th Birthday to this guy, who barks on the other side of the country as me.

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