Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, Amy! -- Amy's Frozen Meals

I really needed money and could not get to a bank easily, so the next best thing was to buy something from a supermarket and use the cashback on my debit card. This is how I obtained a package of Amy's black bean enchilada.

I've tried other Amy's frozen meals before, though I don't eat them regularly, because this frozen meal was $4.69, and that is on the CHEAP end. The veggie pot pie, veggie meat loaf, and mac n' cheese were yummy and squelched down my craving for those dishes. Of course, they taste less processed and more wholesome than their normal counterparts, but the sodium is generally still up there. Enchiladas came in at 31% of the daily value recommended.

Here's the snap after I took it out of the microwave. I was sooo hungry that I could not wait to try it. And look! It looks pretty darn close to the representation on the package, so no false advertising there!

The enchilada was stuffed was tiny bits of tofu, corn, and black beans. It reminded me of a tamale. The rice was soft and yummy (though I like most Spanish rice), and the beans, although a little salty, were yummy and not too mealy.

And the nutritionals -- 330 calories for all this. I'd say this is the most voluminous way I could stretch 330 calories for all the yum in this package. Nine grams of protein, some Vitamin C, iron, and calcium also grace this fine meal. I'd say this wins for my favorite Amy's meal. I used to see my co-workers eat it all the time with no idea why.... but now I know!

Finally, I know that a lot of Amy's meals are vegetarian but not vegan, even if some are lactose free. This one specifically said "vegan."

NOTE: The title of this post was not intentionally made to reference Eminem's tribute to Amy Winehouse.

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