Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Los Angeles County Fair

As I mentioned in my Workout entry, I spent a day at the LA County Fair this past weekend, even though I also did some of this:

Okay, this is more like it.

But I had to run my 18-miler the day before. Here I am, ready to go...

BUT it was 90+ degrees out, so I ended up tying the shirt around my waist instead. But all you're gonna get to see is this...

One of my worst runs ever! When I got back to my car more than 3 hours later, I hobbled back into my office to buy a cold drink. The only decent choice was a can of Cactus Cooler. Eh. Checked the temp. Still in the 80s. Good gosh, I don't like summer!

Above: The next day, which was even worse in terms of heat, I watched these giant stuffed animals ride this lift. Reminds me of Mammoth (<-- hah! I named "The Ukrainian" in this entry -- gotta love keeping a blog to help you remember stuff!). Wish I was there now... well, at least a snow-covered Mammoth.

Above: It look a LONG time to get to the Fair, and when we did, we were both HUNGRY. We went for this veggie combo. I had about a third with some ketchup/ranch. And then I ended up getting a horrific stomachache that ended in fried food eviction (sorry, TMI).

Above: The theme this year....

Above: Wine-tasting. I had some sparkling wine to settle my stomach a little. This also did not sit long in me.

Above: In spite of my weak-sauce-ness, we did have a good time, checking out stuff like this nice dino.

Above: And some sort of modern-day dino.

Above: And my favorite part of all... the trains! This is the actual interior of some old train. That string is the real horn, but so many people were blowing the LOUD horns that I decided to spare my ears and hearing.

Above: I found this really cool!

I had been on a quest for a chocolate-covered pickle, but after checking out what seemed like ALL the stands and even asking around, no such pickle was found. My friend later told me it was near the concert area, but oh well. I ended up eating a corn later on. My poor stomach. I guess I have a reason to come back next year. No more fried food, though.


  1. Whaaat??? Chocolate-covered pickles!!! I've had fried pickles before (and loved them!) but never heard of chocolate-covered ones. Who knew that pickles could be so versatile :)

  2. Hi There, I am putting together an LA HLB bloggies meet-up for a 1:00 p.m. lunch on Saturday, October 23.

    If you are interested in joining us please email me at yellowbrickbeauty@gmail.com and let me know.


  3. There's such a thing as chocolate-covered pickles? What's next? Bacon doughnuts? Oh, wait...

  4. Fried food spew?!? I'm not sure I could exist at a fair without copius amounts of fried food.