Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 8/29 - 9/4

Labor Day is coming -- I'm totally stoked!


This Week's Workouts:

Sunday - rest
Out of boredom, wanted to go to the gym, but decided to get work done instead.

Monday - 7 mi 70 minutes of stepper/elliptical, 6 min rope simulator+rows; 20 min standing poses yoga
Decided to can the run today because I woke up with my left foot bridge hurting. It started on Sunday, mid-day, which is weird because I rested and didn't feel any ill effects on Saturday. Given the upcoming weeks of runs, I decided the smart thing was to not try to run on it. I can't make up these miles, sadly, as 7 is too difficult to spread throughout the week. Don't think missing one run will wreck everything as much as another injury would. Not like I've been all that stellar at running, anyway, and although I had been able to keep up until now, I was having to take frequent breaks because I am still wheezing due to lack of fitness(?) or something.

Hopefully, all will go back to normal tomorrow. Either way, I will have to re-evaluate the timing and forums for my runs because summer hours at work are ending after this week. Might go back to afternoon runs or maybe cut back on treadmill running for a while. I'm not meant to run, and this is why.

So yeah, streak over. It was bound to happen at some point.

Tuesday - 4 mi - outdoors
Skipping a run must be good, because I was able to plow through this one non-stop and pain-free.

Wednesday - 15 min upper body workout; 7 mi - outdoors
Hilly Pasadena run. Must have played "Love the Way You Lie" five times, as it was the only thing that could motivate me. I have been preoccupied with my upcoming preliminary orals and thinking about life and didn't sleep well AT ALL.

Due to the impending academic firing squad, I decided to opt out of salsa (again!). The quarter is almost ending -- I think I attended about half of the classes, mostly due to heat. I'll make my comeback once the Fall cycle starts, though. Frankly, I wasn't digging the combos we've been learning this time around. The instructor is getting us all confused with moves that are similar to ones we've learned before and calling them the same things. Plus, he's always making fun of me now because he's seen me running around my neighborhood. o_O

Thursday - 4 mi; 10 min s. bike @5.0r; 20 min strength

Friday - 10 min s. bike; 5 min stepper; 40 min strength

Saturday - rest

Weekly Mileage: 15 (wow!)


  1. I like that you post this every week. I write mine down on a piece of paper, but it's a little different from putting it in such a public forum.

  2. Good thinking that injury isn't worth pushing through a run. You made the right decision and missing one won't hurt you in the long run. :)

  3. Missing *a* run is no biggie. If you start missing whole weeks like me, then you have a problem. Don't let your plan rule you. It's very easy to stick with the structure and lose sight of your destination during the journey.