Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 8/22 - 8/28

The days of my easy-day 3-milers are over. *sigh*

So I've gone 6 weeks of Hal Hidgon's 18-Week Marathon Intermediate I schedule without missing a mile. I suspect that the other 2/3 of the program won't be as easy to follow, though.

This only means that I have 12 weeks until Marathon #7.


This Week's Workouts:

Sunday - rest
And boy, did I!

Monday - 7 mi; 15 minutes of abs/arms; 10 min hip openers yoga
Best indoor run in a long time, though admittedly not easy. Running 7 miles before work = can I go to bed??? Did not finish yoga session due to taking too long on dinner...

Tuesday - 4 mi - outdoors

Wednesday - 7 mi; 15 min strength
Horrid heat = no salsa again

Thursday - 4 mi; 30 min strength training with some stretching blended into that
For the sake of logging my workouts for future reference, I will also note a few observations. First, I feel like I could sure use a back massage. Second, I have become noticeably more hungry all the time lately -- "lately" referring to the past few weeks. I am generally not packing away a lot of food like in the past and have been trying to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. So generally, I try to eat as little as possible to rid the hunger until my next meal. I've generally been doing well in terms of getting veggies in every day, which unfortunately I did not necessarily do before. Third, I'm tired, but that could be due to lack of sleep, and not because I'm not making an effort... the heat it making it hard to stay asleep. I'm so tired of sweating, and I feel like I've only become more sweaty over time. I hate summer. Okay, end of observations.

Friday - casual walking/rest
I decided to can my strength training session at the gym due to my weekend long run and something that I cannot mention on this blog.

Saturday - 15 (of 14) mi - outdoors
Doing this in preparation for a schedule tweak for next week... stay tuned for that! It'll be good... I promise!

Weekly Mileage: 37

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  1. Hi Julie, just stopping by to reacquaint myself with your blog! I noticed you are in a PhD for IO! I just finished my PhD for Clinical! I don't talk about work much on my blog because of issues of confidentiality. Nice to "meet" another runner in a psych doctoral program!