Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Photo Entry 18: Universal Studios, Hollywood

Okay, so given that this post has a specific focus, it's not random.

I know I'm more than a month late in posting this, but for his 30th, I took "The Ukrainian" to Universal Studios in Hollywood. He grew up in Hollywood, and he had never gone.

Above: He said it was okay to post pics of him (I asked about this one particularly), though I still don't do it too often...

We went on the tram right away, since the King Kong 3-D attraction just got added to the tram ride, and we were worried about the lines that would ensue...

Above: View from the tram. Drizzly -- but this was early July!

Above: Facades... I have a funny story about the first time I learned that word in my freshman honor's English class in high school. Having never seen it before, I had to read it aloud to the class and said something like, "FAH KADE." Oops! Anyway, these FUH-SAHDs/fake buildings are new, because the old ones were damaged a few years ago...

Above: Cool, huh?

Above: Mmmm, carcass.

Above: Recognize this Desperate Housewives setting? Even as a non-viewer of that TV show, I still knew what it was...

Above: Whoo-ville!

Above: My favorite pic of all: The Bates Motel from Hitchcock's Psycho.

Above: I had not been to this theme park in about a decade, so this was a welcome new ride to try. Most of the roller coaster rides made me nauseated. Seems to be getting worse as I age. *sigh* Guess my coaster days are nearing their end...

Not pictured: Basket of fries(!) which was my lunch

Not documented: This was also the day I "gave notice" to my old job...

Above: Finally, Despicable Me (referring to myself)!

We finished the park by early afternoon, so we just made our way to his parents' home for dinner. All in all, I think he enjoyed this adventure, much like last year's trip to the gardens. However, he has requested something more low-key for next year, and I guess I will have to creatively comply.

P.S. Everyone has been asking me how the King Kong 3-D attraction was... it was about a minute of the tram rocking around with a little water splashing and cold foggy air blowing through so that you thought that King Kong was going to eat you and a T-Rex batting you away with its tail. All in all, it was meh... but I'm not a fan of 3-D anything for the most part. Funny that it got so much hype, because for the most part, it wasn't worth it.

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