Friday, August 6, 2010

Perfect Foods Bar

At the LA Marathon expo this past year, I tried some of these Perfect Food Bar in Peanut Butter. These bars are supposed to be eaten cold, I think, although at an expo, it certainly wasn't. It tasted good, dense and moist, yet crumbly. A somewhat almond-y taste was also pleasing. All in all, it's like a cookie!

I wasn't sure if these were vegan, so a trip to Whole Foods solved that mystery. I got this bar in Fruit & Nut flavor. Strangely, it tasted somewhat like that Peanut Butter bar. Anyway, disappointingly, this bar contains milk protein. Also, look at the calorie and fat content. It's nearly 300 calories, which I guess is attributable to its larger-than-normal-bars size. Looking at the fat content, there's 15 freaking grams of it, some of it saturated!

While not a totally bad choice, I think I will stick to some more "perfect" foods that are out there...

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