Friday, August 20, 2010

CEP Compression Sleeves

After seeing many runners, including my own sister, Tea Time, wearing these at the San Diego Marathon, I joined in the fray of compression socks and sleeves.

I got my pair from Road Runner Sports, online. "The Ukrainian" is a VIP member, so with the discount and a coupon he got in the mail, I ended up paying around $29.95+tax for this black pair. Based on my un-small calves, I had to get them in the Medium size.

I'm looking forward to seeing whether these can really prevent my terrible marathon cramping and muscle-pulling episodes. Also, I don't mind adorning something that makes me feel like a soccer player!

So here's my initial reaction after pulling them outta the box:

These look like arm sleeves, so the intimidating thought of getting these onto my legs = *gasp*! "The Ukrainian" helped me get them on the first time, though I did get used to that after a few tries.

So after a few long runs with these, my verdict is overwhelmingly positive. I have not had a calf cramp while running during a 90-degree 18-miler, more-than-20-mi training run, and fast half-marathon. Sure, they take some getting used to -- after all, who wants something more on their legs? But as my legs tire during a run, I am glad I have these... it makes my legs more "solid" so that I am more efficient in running. Additionally, post-run, my would-be soreness is MUCH decreased.

I would recommend these fully. CEP makes sleeves and socks, but if you like having freedom to choose your socks, I'd stick with the sleeves.


  1. From those who use them, I hear a lot of accolades. I'm very seriously considering some for myself. I need all the recovery help I can get. I'll be waiting for your review....

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