Thursday, August 12, 2010

Better Than a Surprise E-Mail

Yes, I guess I can't stay away from blogging for long. If I needed something to motivate me right now, this certainly is it.

Remember this post from last month about getting a nice kudos from my associate dean?

Yesterday, I received the below, both in print and via e-mail. Unreal!

Dear Julie,

Congratulations! You have been selected for our prestigious 2010 #### Dean’s Excellence Scholarship Award of $10,000. The #### Dean’s Excellence Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student who possesses an exceptional combination of educational achievements and leadership abilities.

Your annual scholarship will be provided in two payments of $5,000. Your first award payment will be provided upon verification of fulltime enrollment at the start of the Fall semester 2010, the second will be provided at the start of Spring semester 2011 once you are enrolled fulltime.

We wish you much success at your academic endeavors at ####.


"The Dean"

I got a couple of scholarships as an undergrad, but not to this degree. It feels a lot more personal due to the smaller cohorts (than at UCLA, per se), and it's just a lot more in one shot.

And I was already elated to receive a recommendation. This is like the cherry on top (or 10k cherries....)! Not sure what I did to deserve this windfall, but I'll take it!

While I'm tempted to run off on a vacation or something, gotta remember that this just blows out a good chunk of my debt!

I've already sent my thanks to the appropriate parties, but here's the public one: Thank you, school!!!!!

Okay, back to my wishy-washy presence in the blog world.

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