Monday, August 9, 2010

As If I've Never Left

Dear all,

I am taking the week off from the blog world.

You see, I was informed by my dissertation chair that I can start preparing for my preliminary orals.

Finally! I have been waiting about 10 months and something like 7 drafts for this!

I know that sounds like gibberish, but basically this means that I can finally go before my committee to get approval to run my study. To complete a dissertation at my school, you need to get through two "orals" -- preliminary and final.

So assuming everything goes as planned, my preliminary orals will take place sometime in the middle or late next month. Committee approves, and I wait another 2-3 weeks for International Review Board (IRB) approval... then run the study. Hoping to finish collecting data by the end of this year, and although I would love to finish the write up and do my "final" orals by May and graudate "on time" (4 years since I entered with a BA)... I think I will need the summer to finish up.

In other words, this isn't a huge step, but at least I'm on my way to crossing a barrier in my dissertation journey. Obviously, I need to "pass" my preliminary orals first. I need a lot of luck for that!

Thus, I will be spending my non-working and non-sanity time working on making the final edits she suggested, as well as bracing myself for whatever else my committee wants to throw at me before the preliminary orals. Then, I gotta study every paper I have cited thus far in my paper, which is A LOT. Gotta know my stuff so I don't look stupid.

However, you probably won't notice my absence much, since I have written enough posts to keep you busy until the end of the month. Ha ha! I will also update my workout log, since in spite of this, I am determined to keep my @$$ in shape.

So keep reading, maybe comment me some encouragement, and let me know that the blog is being read. I see the hits I'm getting from Google, so I know you're out there...


P.S. I will still be Tweeting, so follow me if you dare!


  1. Good luck with orals. I know how nerve-racking all of the preparation and waiting can be. The constant reminders of 'it'll be worth it' help out!
    I get the feeling you know your stuff, and will be great!

  2. Best of luck! Look forward to reading you running log. Keep up the inspiring work ethic!
    Jacki from Florida

  3. Outstanding! You are in a league that many aspire to but few ever make it. Congratulations soon to be Dr. J!