Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yoga for Weight Loss (

I downloaded a couple of things from, which are meant to be downloaded onto iPods and such to take yoga workouts everywhere.

Some of the shorter lessons are free -- longer ones are priced pretty low as well.

My iPod now contains a video called "Yoga for Weight Loss." This was one of the few times I actually used the video-playing functionality on my iPod, and it worked okay. It is hard to see what's going on whilst holding positions, but to me, it was easy enough that I'm sure in a few workouts, I wouldn't need to look, anyway.

So the 20-ish minute video emphasizes chin locks (in which you bring your chin to your chest to stimulate the thyroid, which is supposedly the weight loss part of it. The sequences are not too difficult and run through a few times each to get you warm. And yes, I did find myself getting warm while doing this, though I've already been doing other yoga as well and didn't find it difficult at all.

If I'm on the go, I'm going to certainly turn to this when I feel like I need some yoga, though as wrong as this may sound, I prefer a male voice telling me what to do (like Rodney Yee). I found this instructor's soft voice to make me feel like this was too "yoga-y" for me, throwing out foreign words for poses and such.

Whether all this yoga stuff is helping or not (I'm averaging 3-4 20-min sessions a week) with my running is still up in the air, but I think there's overall benefit to me and my relaxation needs, especially during stressful times.

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