Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surprise E-Mail

This has made me happier and wall-bouncing than the decaf I have sitting on my desk right now:

Hi Julie,

I just wanted you to know, off the record, that I nominated you as my pick for the Dean’s Scholarship - and the Scholarship Committee (on which I serve) went along with my recommendation. I think Dean [name redacted] is accepting the recommendation as well. Just giving you heads-up and good wishes!

[Associate Dean, whose name I also redacted]

(Note: Since I don't attend a main campus, he is our "Dean." The actual "Dean" is located 2 hrs away and heads up the other (larger) campuses. In other words, he's the head cheese around here, and to be contacted by the big cheese for non-punishment is a good thing!)

No, I did not win any money or award. Yet. And even if not, this in itself is a huge surprise. I have spent time with him at some events. I even had him for a class (back in February '09), but I never had the time or will to brown-nose or anything. In fact, I was the sleepy student who showed up after having run 20 miles and didn't get a perfect grade in his class.

This must mean merit? But my classmates are just as good, if not better? More mature, more experienced, and probably much more focused than I am.


I'll just bask in it for now. I needed this, as I have been stressed and demotivated lately. I'll try to think of it whenever I'm feeling bad and milk this seemingly small thing for all it's worth.

At any rate, I wonder what they based this on... how much does the university know about me? Can I add to the info that they have, maybe show them my blog? Just kidding, of course.


  1. Congrats! I know how demoralizing grad school can be - those moments of affirmation are huge.