Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rodney Yee's Conditioning Yoga for Athletes

I couldn't help but get another yoga DVD, though this will likely be my last for a while. I decided to rejoin Rodney in my journey toward recovery from my running injuries with yoga. So when I saw the title of this DVD [Gaiam] -- Conditioning Yoga for Athletes, I couldn't help myself.

I got this for $8 at Amazon. A week later, I cracked open the case and saw a short leaflet outling specific yoga poses for people of different sports such as tennis, golfing, cycling, and running. For example, for runners, the downward dog (see pic) is ideal.

The DVD consists of a 50-ish minute workout. It starts with Openers, which is done with a chair, Conditioning -- where all the stretching happens, and Integration, which is more of a relaxation phase.

A chair is required to stretch the legs one at a time. Conditioning involves a lot of standing poses. And Integration is all the sitting yoga. At some point during the relaxation phase, I think I fell asleep. All I remember was that I was lengthening myself on the mat, and then the ending credits were rolling. I guess I am REALLY good at this relaxation stuff after all...????

In addition to the main workout, there are 10-minute mini-workouts for the different sports I listed above. The running one left much to be desired... it wasn't an intense enough stretch for me compared to the workout itself or even compared to the other the 20-minute AM Yoga I have been doing.

Overall, I don't think I will be doing the whole 50-minute thing too often, since I pretty much spent 1 whole hour doing yoga, which is a LOT of time for me. But the 10-minute bit... yeah, maybe.

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