Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Post that Launched 1000... Eggs?

There is currently a post on the blog No Meat Athlete regarding how cow's milk basically is:

- full of hormones
- not meant for human consumption: yes, I'm intolerant!
- full of white blood cells (i.e., infection cells)
- contains pus
- cruel

I've talked about my presumed lactose intolerance quite a few times on this blog, but as of late, I've been trying to eat dairy again after I ate two pizzas without a stomach issue.

I've partaken in ravioli, cream cheese, sour cream, and even (a good portion of) this:

And this dairy consumption made me happy, because no stupid bloating or gas was going to keep me away from my former favorite food -- cheese.

But I think I'm going to put a halt on my happy-go-lucky days of eating dairy with some abandon and just go back to avoiding it again. I thanked the author of that milk post for reminding me why I am an aspiring (not perfect... yet) vegetarian.

The post also mentions the peril of eggs, and if you read any of my adventures such as this one or this one, you will know that I eat eggs like they are going out of style.


I have already decided that living without eggs and not an option. Yes, I might think about the gruesome description of them for a while. And maybe they will not appetize me unless I'm really hungry, but for now, I can only try to not use them in my baking. Maybe. When I'm not trying to make a masterpiece. That will be a first step and a creative challenge.

Back to milk. I don't think I can shun it completely, either. Most sub cheeses contain milk derivatives such as casein/milk protein. And when you are eating with a "Ukrainian," you will suddenly find yourself wanting to sample cheeses with your wine.


I often cannot control what I should be eating at my parents' home, but I CAN stop the weekend ice cream... even if it was just once. I got a major bloat attack a few hours later, so really, I should avoid the miscellaneous milk products altogether. If I want to sample some cheese, I can have a tiny nibble. In fact, as long as I am eating by myself, I will try to make it vegan. This is the only way I can see myself plowing through a world powered by animal products.

Sorry, ravioli... I'll miss you once again.

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