Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 6/27 - 7/3

Things That Are Going Well:
- yoga and making slow gains in flexibility
- consistent running habits
- adapting to pace
- ability to finish a workout in an hour or less if necessary
- regular strength training and stretching

Things That Aren't Going Well:
- extreme sluggishness in the morning in spite of decent amount of sleep
- temptation to eat poorly, mostly resisted but sometimes not
- stomach issues while running!!
- lack of track workouts
- wondering how I'll ever run significant distances again

Goals for This Week:
- get out to the track one time? might defer this one more week as I get in better shape
- increase some of the strength training weight by a LITTLE because I don't want to bulk up at all
- avoid stomach issues


This Week's Workouts:

Sunday - rest

Monday - 20 min standing poses yoga, 6.5 mi @6.5, 20 min stretch/abs
So today was my longest training run since maybe a month and a half ago. Although I haven't been running any faster than last week, this was a leap in distance. Overall, it felt okay except that it was HOT in the gym and nearly died from that. Also, the last 1.5 miles were kind of plagued by hamstring cramps, which I had to deter by changing my running form. We'll see how tomorrow goes... I have a tough (at least to my current standards) workout planned.

Tuesday - 6.5 mi @6.5, 20 min FitMoves circuits
Happy I survived such a tough workout. I didn't get to do my yoga today because I had totally forgotten that I had dinner scheduled with friends, leaving me to get home just in time for bed...

Wednesday - 5 mi @6.5, 20 min twists yoga
Definitely need to get in my yoga. I had limited time this morning, so I cut my workout quite short (compared to usual, I suppose).

Thursday - 6 mi @3.6-6.5, 5 min bike @3.0r, 10 min arms/abs, 20 min hip openers yoga
Yes, another one of those mornings in which running seemed impossible due to sluggishness. Definitely had a good second half of the run compared to the first half. I do believe that my legs are safely getting used to this pace.

Friday - 25 min upright bike @3.0r, 25 min elliptical w/bars @ 8.0r, [planned - 20 min abs/weights]

Saturday - 6 mi - outdoors (plus a lot of standing around/walking... does that count for anything?)

Weekly Mileage: 30

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