Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 6/20 - 6:26

This week, "The Ukrainian," who has now taken on the temporary role of coach, has given me permission to run up to 40 minutes and up to 6.5 mph. Thank goodness, as the slower speed was killing me because I am not good at being consistent in pace nor do I like going unnaturally slow. But I must say that it did make the transition back to running a little less painful than it could have been. My hamstring was mostly quiet last week.

Due to my desperations, I'm actually going to listen to him even though he has no real credentials whatsoever. But he has two things working for him: 1) his PRs (1:29 half, 3:20 full), and 2) the more important thing -- he knows me and my general capabilities. He probably knows what I can do more than I do, which is how I get myself into these sorts of messes in the first place.

Other note: My bunion (yes, I just admitted once again to the world that I have this issue) has been hurting more over the past year or so and sometimes is really a nag. I try not to let it affect my running, but sometimes it causes me to shift my form. Hoping it doesn't get worse... I'm only 25! I really am not built for this sport...


This Week's Workouts:

Sunday - rest
Much-needed since I had worked out 6 days in a row!

Monday - 4 mi @6-6.5, 20 min @3.5, 25 min stretch/abs/weights, 20 min hip-opener yoga
Okay, this run was exceedingly hard because I was sooo tired this morning and ran during the 5 AM hour. Ailments included: side-stitch, slight hamstring twinges, and no bursting energy or breath. Yes, I've been getting some side-stitches, lately, which is horribly embarrassing because I feel like it's a newbie thing.

Tuesday - 4 mi @6.3-6.5, 20 min @3.5, 20 min stretch/abs/mat work, 20 min forward bends yoga
This run went a lot better... still pathetic, but better. I was feeling sluggish like yesterday, but then I tilted my head and suddenly felt a rush of blood or something just shake a bunch of cobwebs out of my body. It made something that seemed impossible now possible.

Wednesday - 4.3 mi @6.5, 15 min pilates (kinda)
Running late, so the workout was short. Best run I've had in a long time, as I was able to reach 4 miles well before my 40 minutes were up. It gives me some hope that I will one day be back to normal.

Thursday - 4 mi @3.6-6.5, 20 min elliptical w/arms @6r, 20 min stretch/weights, 20 min backbends yoga
Wasn't feeling it this morning and had to talk some walk breaks. I can tell that I'm recovering, but again, this is taking patience.

Friday - 50 min FitMoves class; 30 min @4.0r, stretching

Saturday - 4 mi @6.5 - outdoors

Weekly Mileage: 20.3

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