Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekly Workouts: 6/13 - 6/19

Okay, so I stole this idea from my sister, Tea Time (and various other bloggers, of course). I only document my workouts for challenges, but in reality, I am on a mission and challenge.

Vision: To live a healthy life, which means looking and functioning like a healthy person.
Vague, I know, but this is what visions are for...

Mission: To get better at running without killing myself.
My progress over the years has been slow and somewhat regressive at times. I don't feel too bad, as I did PR within the past six months, so I know I'm on the right trajectory.

- Short-term: PR at my next marathon (as of today, I have about 5 months)
- Mid-term: do my 10th marathon in 2011 (currently 6/10 and will be 7/10 year-end)
- Long-term: not sure yet, but I want to see real improvement over time

Intermediate Steps to Goals:
- Get used to running again injury-free (note: haven't been able to do this since February)
- Increase speed (slowly so that I don't incur anymore injuries)
- Maintain other fitness, especially core and flexibility
- Follow a marathon training program
(I chose Hal Higdon's Novice 2 since I know anything more will burn me out; Training Commences July 12!!)
- Keep focused, which blogging can help with...
- Eat right
- I have decided not to give blood this month as planned, which was tough; will re-evaluate later

I know that these are lofty goals, but I keep thinking that if others can do it, so can I! I know that I have the ability to do better... I just need to make sure that I stay healthy and get my training done. Life also gets in the way oftentimes, but I really just need to take everything in stride and stay focused on my goals. And I also know that I lack natural athletic ability, though I can work on that. If nothing else, I'll do as they say -- "fake it until you make it"!


This Week's Workouts:

The workouts will be slow-going for a while as I continue to get used to running without pain again. "The Ukrainian" is keeping me accountable for not trying to make huge gains all at once.

In general, I don't plan on doing any real mileage this week and will run slowly as I try to incorporate ChiRunning into my form.

Sunday - rest

Monday - 15 min pilates, 3.1 mi @6.2 mph, 30 min stationary bike @3.5 resistance, 15 min stretching
This sounds easy, but my legs felt soooooo heavy! I want to do more this week in terms of running, but I know I gotta get back into it slowly.

Tuesday - 15 min pilates, 3.1 mi @6.2-6.3, 45 min/3x14 stations FitMoves circuits, 10 min s. bike @3.5 r
Some FitMoves moves included: chest flye, push-ups, incline pull, get up & slam, Romanian deadlift, split squat jump, v-ups, skaters w/cones, slams, mountain climbers, back extensions, wall balls, kettlebell deadlift, jump pull-up

Wednesday - 3.1 mi @6.2-6.3, 10 min s.b. @4 resistance, 20 min elliptical w/bars @6, The Stick on the legs, 20 min backbend yoga with Rodney Yee
So I finally bought a yoga DVD and found my first real yoga experience to be actually quite good. I could not do some of the moves as perfectly as I'd like (the perfectionist in me squirmed), and at some points, I was struggling, but after all was said and done, I feel that was a 20 minutes well-spent. Once I do all the five workouts on the DVD, I will write up a review.

Thursday - 3.1 mi @6.3, 15 min cycling @3, 10 min elliptical w/bars @6, 10x3 reps of standing crunch, pull-up, tricep dip @14 assistance, 20 min standing pose yoga

Friday - 3.1 mi @6.3, 16x3 FitMoves stations
FitMoves circuit included: ball slam, mountain climbers, incline pull, push-up w/knee tucks, squat jumps, ball leg curl, v-ups, jump pull-up, skaters w/cones, burpee, squat to overhead press, wall sit, kettlebell deadlift, medicine ball side lunge to overhead, weighted lunge, Bosu ball ab twist

Saturday - 3.1 mi outside, a lot of walking; 20 min twist yoga

Weekly Mileage: 18.6

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  1. I love the Higdon plans. For me they are serious enough without going oveboard. Plus, if you want more or less challenge, you can just move up or down within all his plans.

    By the way - I didn't realize that you were the same person who I met in San Diego. I got to run with your sister Tuesday night. She is quite the speedy one!