Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walk the Walk

Does your neighborhood walk the walk, or just talk?

This site, WalkScore, determines how "walkable" (which extrapolates to "runnable") your neighborhood is by calculating the distance between a location (e.g., your home) and commonly used places such as the library and market. I'm not sure how accurate this thing is. I mean, yes, I can walk to the library and have two big-box retailers with groceries within 2 miles of my home, but it does not take safety or pleasantness into account -- like I expect technology to know that I hate walking under freeway passes due to loudness and dead/alive pigeons and eggs. Errrrr....

Anyway... give it a try! Here's my parents' home score. The image isn't working too well on my current PC, but maybe it will on yours?):

This home’s Walk Score:®

73 out of 100 — Very Walkable

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  1. Hahaha...I have that same hatred of walking under freeway passes as well. Especially if there are people living under there. :s

  2. Ok, I am confused, Are you Nobel4Lit or Tea time, or one in the same? lol. Anyways, I have added this site "A case of the runs" onto my site. Love the info. I tried out the walk thing, and I scored a big fat "2". The road I live on is only 35 MPH, but the cars are not very friendly. Thanks for sharing this. Take care.