Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Photo Entry 16: Calling it Wrong

Now that I've been playing with my camera more often, I love posting all of these random photo entries! All of these photos are very recent (from this past weekend -- also see my entry about The Shojin).

And here they are:

Above: Earlier in the week, I made a tuna salad. But unlike tuna salad, there was no tuna -- I subbed in chickpeas, added a bit of soy sauce and nutritional yeast flakes, and here it was, tasty VERY similiar to the real thing! I ate these for dinner one night.

Above: On Friday, I found nobody else in the locker room, so I decided to take an embarrassing, if not unflattering, photo of myself and post it up for the world to see. Those shorts are from Forever 21's workout clothing line. Yes, that trendy clothing store also came out with workout clothes, although they are cotton so not really good for running. I will also note that the sticker on that mirror is just a part of my company's safety culture!

Above: I randomly got a pair of trendy shoes. Yes, these came from Payless Shoe Source, but they were super cheap and are actually good for a height boost unlike other current trendy sandals!

Above: On Saturday, "The Ukrainian" and I tried going to a pub to watch the USA vs. Ghana game (World Cup), but the place was jammed. We did, however, eat outside on the patio and got the jist of the un-victorious game via the crowd reactions and live TV on "The Ukrainian"'s Blackberry. We both had sheperd's pie, which was my first time eating one. Mine was veggie and probably full of texturized vegetable protein. It kind of reminded me of mashed potatoes on top of stew. The man's was full of ground beef.

I was disappointed that the US did not advance to the quarterfinals, nor did South Korea or England. Thus, this blog post is titled as such just because I'm having bad luck with my team choices. I'm still rooting for Japan, who plays on Tuesday.

Above: After the disappointing game, we shopped around for a few hours and stopped at Real Food Daily for some vegan key-lime cheesecake, a parfait, and teaccuino. None of these desserts really blew me away or anything... I'm not a fan of key lime anything!

Above: On Sunday, my sisters and I had a "no-tea" tea party. Here's the spread, with Tea Time hiding in the background somewhere. Sandwiches on nutty bread included: egg, lox, BLT, and kaya. Desserts included vegan cake from Native Foods, homemade (non-vegan) pound cake, vegan macaroons and crisps, and fruit. The dip at the top is my second attempt at the "non-tuna" tuna salad at the beginning of this entry, which is vegan except for some mayo. It actually tasted better this time, which is great since I had an audience this time. I added a little bit of mustard because I forgot to bring nutritional yeast flakes home to make it...

Above: At the "no tea" party drinking our substitute for tea -- juice! This one had spinach, cucumbers, celery, and apple. I wore a green hankie because I thought we were supposed to come wearing out favorite colors, but most did not follow the theme. Please excuse my tired looks... I was sleepy! Also, Sister S's shiba inu (whose blog name is "B") is tucked away in that background somewhere...


  1. I love all of the new pictures!!

    As far as the gluten, I've found that my local hippie grocery store has a full section of gluten free stuff that's clearly labeled.
    On Frayed Laces post there were a few comments that included and they may help out!

  2. I love that photo of me without my head. I think that is THE all time best photo of me...ever! Your "tuna" snack was yummy. Went so well with those delicious crackers!