Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Photo Entry 15: Inspiring Weekend (Updated)

It has taken me a week to get this post up. The week has been busy because of work, but I won't complain since I got to stay in a SWEET waterfront hotel.

(my first attempt at a collage a la Picasa)

Anyway, I started this entry so I could talk about the weekend surrounding my first mud run and sixth marathon.


My co-worker gave me a sample bag of military food. I have yet to try it, but it looks interesting and caloric!

As I anxiously await the end of the work day, I start playing with my camera and my white board at work again. The office was pretty darn near empty...

"The Ukrainian" ran out of glucosamine, but we made the harsh discovery that the prices in the San Fernando Valley are inflated compared to those in Los Angeles! After that discovery, I ended up having cereal and pita bread for dinner.


You can read the Mud Run entry for the details of the earlier hours. Here are some pictures from the afternoon...

Above: Holiday Inn, Downtown San Diego.

Above: I couldn't finish this meal, even with help!

Above: This is the "before" picture of the meal. The first bite of real food that day...

Above: A description of the meal. I opted for avocado, tomato, and onion.

Above: Downtown San Diego.

Above: Dinner at Souplantation with M and Tea Time (top plate). Mine is at the bottom. I could have eaten more, but I was tired...


This is everything that happened after the marathon...

Above: After waiting for a shuttle to take us back to the hotel for 1.5 hours and cleaning up, we immediately went for dinner with a friend. I ate 2 whole pizza slices without getting a major stomach issue. I've been incorporating cheese back into my diet since then, though still cautiously.

Above: After dinner, we went to a pub to watch the Laker Game, which didn't go so well. We shared these "chips" with vinegar. I had a ginger (non-alcoholic) beer with these... VERY yummy!

Above: Monday morning breakfast, compliments of the hotel. And a newspaper. This is the life! So happy not to be at work! Went back to the room and watched Ice Age.

Above: We were trying for a sushi lunch, but apparently, many sushi places are not open on Mondays. So we went to Dosa's Place in Tustin (Orange County) for some Indian food. Besides nearly dying after eating a fried jalapeno, it was pretty good...


So why did I call this an "inspiring weekend"? I think it was because I realized that although I didn't shatter records, I did learn to appreciate my accomplishments. "The Ukrainian" and I finished in the top 15ish percent in the Mud Run, and the fact that I was able to finish both races without major injury (given that I came in with one) is not something everyone can do. Plus, I was able to go out for a whole night after all that (we got back at midnight!).

That ends this chapter of races for now. I'm excited to take a little break from my routine and get back into some sort of shape in time for my next marathon...

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