Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My dairy intolerance confuses me. Sometimes I wonder if that's what I really have, because I can eat most yogurt (see all my food posts for the yogurt I've reviewed here) without issues. It could be probiotics kicking in, but every now I let some amounts of dairy-ridden boba slushies or cheese into my system with no major issues.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about yogurt! Yogurt is protein-rich, creamy, filling, and yummy. I especially love Greek yogurt because I can use it as a sub for sour cream if it's plain, and it doesn't leave that icky aftertaste that normal yogurt can do.

However, this yogurt has made my stomach feel unsettled since I had some yesterday. I was eating it with bread (dipping bread in yogurt has been a joy of mine lately) and realized after wondering why it was so yummy/milk-like that one of the ingredients is CREAM. Thanks, Voskos! Cream is one of those things that definitely sets my stomach off into some mode of abnormalcy. My stomach still feels weird today.

I should also note that Voskos is higher in calories than most Greek yogurt (about 100 more, in fact!), has wayy more fat (a plain normal one has 20 grams!), and even saturated fat. And did I mention that it only has 9 grams of protein per serving, when other brands have at least twice the amount?

I don't mean to bash a product, but this is more meant to serve as a PSA to those who might believe that all of Greek yogurt, or any other supposedly "healthy" product is good for you. I will read my labels more closely next time.

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