Monday, May 31, 2010

A Letter to My Future (One Week from Now) Self

Hi Future Self,

I hope you're still alive when you read this. I hope you completed both the Mud Run and Marathon this past weekend like you were supposed to!

I'm really sorry that I didn't train for the San Diego Marathon or eat as perfectly as I should have. You see, I have only really been able to run since mid-April. And sometime in mid-May, what started as a nagging leg soreness became a full-blown new injury that starts cramping/pulling when I run. So my longest real run since my last marathon in March has been 9 miles. That's about as far as I can go before the cramping really gets bad. The other day, one week before the big race weekend that you just endured, I woke up early to do a long run and ended up having the same thing happen at mile 1.

So I gave up, trying to rest and heal. I hate being this "weak sauce," and I hope it hasn't caused you too many issues. I declared that my goals for the Mud Run/Marathon weekend were to 1) survive, and 2) not feel as bad as after LA Marathon in March.

Anyway, rest now, Future Self. Don't forget to do the foam roller stuff once you go back to the gym. Eat well, and enjoy a break from running for a little while. Get back on your bike and ride that Rio Hondo Bike Trail like you had planned to do with your man and friends. And no more injuries this year, okay? In exchange, I'll eat some extra carbs for you this week. ;)

- Present Me

(from me, to me!)

P.S. Once you settle back at home, please do some work on your dissertation.


  1. Crazy week ahead! Good luck!

  2. I hope you had a great weekend!! Loved the letter :)

  3. Take it easy out there. Perhaps you can use this opportunity to take lots of nice race photos :) Perhaps, you just need a break from the whole running thing for a while and maybe just go out and run for fun. Trust me when I say that nobody thinks anyone who does a marathon is "weak sauce".