Tuesday, May 11, 2010

(Injury-Free?) Boot Camp

While I'm still working on my blog entry for my race this past weekend, I thought I'd write about how incredibly sore I am today.

As you can see on my side bar, I am doing the Camp Pendleton Mud Run on June 5 and San Diego Marathon on June 6. And, as you know, I had been injured for about two months. My IT band is doing much better, though somewhere in the process of recovery, I pulled a hamstring, but that's a lot easier to run through than most ailments. So given these improvements, I am subjecting myself to a "boot camp" that aims to get me in shape for a marathon in 3.5 weeks.

So here's how the past few days have gone down:

- Saturday: 6 miles at race
- Sunday: 10 (weak sauce) miles
- Monday: 1.5 hr cardio + weights
- Tuesday: 10 (faster/hilly) miles

And here's the tentative plan for the rest of the week:

- Wednesday: Windsor pilates (I don't have time to work out tomorrow) and salsa
- Thursday: 8-12 miles (depends on how I'm feeling and time constraints)
- Friday: 45 minutes of circuits and 20 minutes of bicycle
- Saturday: none -- I'm helping my friend at her wedding and am in the party!
- Sunday or Monday: 20-miler

I figure that everything beyond the 3-week pre-marathon point can be improvised, but this is a critical week. Before this week, my longest run was an 8-miler, and I haven't run more than 10 since March 21 (and before that, not since February 13). Basically, I'm going to keep going short of injury or utter exhaustion, and so far, I've only got that soreness that feels pretty good...

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