Friday, May 14, 2010

Caffeine Fix

So right now, I really just want to dash away in a swimsuit and run along the shoreline of a beach until I'm out of energy. Instead, I'm stuck here at work after having to drive nearly 80 miles for meetings this morning. All in a day's work, I suppose.

This morning, I succumbed to coffee. I was up late last night because I was attending a wedding rehearsal. "The Ukrainian" is in the bridal party, and I have been asked to help with the events of the day. I'm super excited to see my first church wedding, but I think most of that excitement is due to caffeine.

To be fair, I thought the coffee was decaf, but I later found out that it was mislabeled. I had a cup and started feeling like I wanted to run run run while I was on the road. I know I've been taking some caffeinated GUs to race lately, but they don't seem to get me THIS pumped up. Or maybe the running cancels out the effects.

I know caffeine is not good to rely on, and usually if I deliberately have any, it's in decaf coffee or tea (I even avoid the black tea). I think I'm caffeine sensitive, so a small amount can put me on this high that I'm on right now.

For now, school is out (not really, but I am ditching next week since my final project is IN). I don't have anymore classes until 2011, so now it's all about my field hours and dissertation. I hope it all gets done someday. I am jealous as I see some of my Masters classmates graduating.


  1. Caffeine calms me down :) Have a great time at the wedding!! That is so exciting that you are pretty much done with classes!

  2. Have you ever tried green barley grass or a fresh green veggie juice for energy? They're incredible! I too love a good coffee so don't worry too much about it.
    Keep up the work on the great blog!

    Interval Running Man