Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Photo Entry 14: Back

Although it may not have seemed like it, yes, I came out of my last post just fine. It is obvious that I am a stressed heap and won't get any easy solutions to my stress-induced feelings.

These pictures are all recent, so they aren't really as "random" as they should be...

Above: I turned 25... yes, I can't believe it, either. Out of the early 20's and into the mid-20's. Since I have been down enough, I tried not to mope around further on this day. Thanks, family (and cat)!

Above: Birthday loot from my sisters. I've eaten much of this stuff already and even baked from the cookbook (see next picture)...

Above: This recipe was called "Lower Fat Banana Bread." Bananas have been abundant at my house lately, and the rest of the ingredients were at-hand. This was a quick bake and got good reviews from the mom, sister, and "Ukrainian."

Above: No, I did not eat here, but this was the first real-life Big Boy I'd ever seen (West Covina, CA).

Above: My friends and I had dinner together not too long ago at Naga Naga Ramen in Alhambra, CA. The food was only decent but not authentic. However, dessert was good... these tofu skin and sweet rice reminded me of the mango and sticky rice of Thai cuisine.

Above: And this past weekend was an anniversary, so "The Ukrainian" took me to Temecula, CA to a bunch of wineries, Pechanga, and this lunch. I'm not much of a drinker (see previous photo entry), but I've learned quite a bit about wine because I get to do tastings pretty regularly. At one of the restaurants there, I got a French-rolled omelette, and his dish was a goat cheese prosciutto and mushroom pizza. I like that the food was relatively cheap and that they put hint of wine in my ketchup!

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  1. Happy Anniversary and Birthday!!! I hope you have a great week :)