Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Photo Entry 13

I have not posted one of these in a while, so here we are...

Above: Some time ago (maybe in February), I made this tiramisu. I whipped all of those egg whites without a hand-mixer, so I got quite the workout. I didn't eat any of this, but supposedly, it was very good, though could have used more Kahlua.

Above: This is from a hotel balcony. One of the perks of my job is free hotel stays, and on one nice day, I decided to do some mug-shots out of pure boredom.

Above: I don't think I'm ever going to try to drink anything like this ever again, especially while in a rush. This was a pseudo-bachelorette party, so you can at least see why this had happened. But even so, let's just say that this did not stay in my system for long. I'll stick with sipping off of others' beer and wine, thank you. As for the context of the night this was taken... I don't think I can mention on this blog.

Above: A new banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) place opened near me called Tip Top Sandwiches, so "The Ukrainian" and I have gone a couple of times. The place is HUGE and pretty cool. Here's some stuff we got the first time we were there. Their sandwiches are pretty good, even though the folks on Yelp don't seem to agree.

Above: One night before salsa class, we fueled up at Wendy's. This was my first time there! I ate the potato and some salad... (the gloppy white stuff is actually Greek yogurt that we picked up at the supermarket just prior).

Above: I packed these reinforcing agents before my last marathon.

Above: Finally, I baked these vegan brownies for a co-worker of mine in early March, as she was leaving to start her own business. She didn't eat meat or eggs, so this vegan brownie arrangement worked out well. It was so well-received that I had several requests for this recipe and have already made it again. Even I could not keep myself away...

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