Friday, March 5, 2010

Public Counsel & LA Marathon #3

Yay, I have time to do an update!

Not much new stuff is happening in my world. I still have a cat living in the house and am still getting my dancing lessons in twice a week (that blog post will come soon, I hope!). Oh, and I guess my next marathon is in two weeks! More than the race, I'm more excited to be taking a DAY OFF after the race. I really, really need one! I'm more burnt-out than blackened toast!

I've been having a hard time with running lately because about a week ago, my knees gave out. Those got better, and I've been icing them every day as a precaution. Following that, my right quad suddenly decided it would tighten up forever. So I haven't been running a whole lot lately due to its limited capacity. Last week's scheduled 20-miler became a 13.1, and we'll see how today's scheduled 12-miler goes.

To keep me going, I am raising money for the Public Counsel like I did last year. I've raised about $100 so far, so I think that justifies both myself and "The Ukrainian" to have our times counted on behalf of my company. You see, I ran the fastest female marathon time in my age bracket among all the participating law firms that hold this fundraiser. I am not sure what will happen this year, but I'm sure at least one of us will take that title!

Beyond that, this next marathon is going to be my 5th marathon and last race overall before I hit the big 25 next month, which will duly kick me out of the F 19-24 racing group.

Finally, I am so happy that the week is nearly over. I'm SO tired! And just for kicks, let me just say that award shows (e.g., Oscars) are a waste of the world's time and resources. Sure, award people for their hard work, but really, do we need to give out bags worth $$$ and dresses that cost more than my yearly income to people who already have money coming out of their ears? There are people suffering in Haiti, Chile, and across the US with layoffs/school crunches and budget crises galore. Young girls and boys see these celebrities who think they are better than everyone and grow up with this notion that their character is not worth nearly as much as their wealth. Ooops, end of rant. I live in a strange, strange world.


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  1. You are so right about the award shows! I hope that you are having a great week :-)