Friday, March 26, 2010

Milks and a Few Extra Seconds

I've been hearing about how bad soy milk is for you for a long time... you can just Google it and find propaganda everywhere about how soy in the US is genetically modified, pesticide-ridden, etc. etc.

Cow's milk and I became sworn enemies when I was 19 years old... in addition to the fact that it contains pus (I won't provide links because I think these issues warrant their own research). Milk bloats me (or worse) every time I drink it.

I really like soy milk. Vanilla, unsweetened, and even chocolate have become my primary cereal buddies. I have been drinking it more than previously, so now I have concern for all those "soy-is-bad" stuff.

My boss' manager gave me a sample of his almond milk today (unsweetened chocolate). It was thin, it lacked protein, and it realllllly could use some taste. It was almost like water! And nutritionally, it still contains too much sodium for what it is...

I hear rice milk is worse... and hemp milk is horribly expensive. So I think what I will do is get almond milk half the time. Maybe I will get used to it, and I will still get protein from soy milk. There is just no winning with these things, is there?


On another note, lately, I haven't been able to keep my s---, er, act together. I feel like I have begun a terrible habit of procrastinating and neglecting details that end up costing me time and quality later. So from now on, I am going to try to spend a few extra seconds in my tasks to make sure the bases are covered, my to-do list is updated and used, and things are put away in a decent fashion. This week has been especially tough since I've been recovering from running injuries and illness.

Finally, "The Ukrainian" interviewed for a project manager position last Friday, and we found out that he got it. Yay for him! However, there are complications that will likely prevent him from accepting the job. Still, I'm super proud of him!


  1. I feel your pain! I have decided to stick with soy. Silk lite is my favorite at the moment. I just drink less of it. I think I only buy one 1/2 gallon a month. It has helped that I kicked my cereal jones. I would rather drink less of something that taste good to me than lots of something that I don't like so much...such as almond milk. I haven't tried rice or hemp but after the almond milk thing, I am afraid to.

    I don't think soy is bad in moderation. Also, people think they need more protein than they really do.

  2. That is awesome news about the job!!