Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tangerine Life

I've been part of a pilot wellness program at my workplace hosted by Tangerine Wellness.

Since August, I have been through 2 cycles of competition and am beginning my third. Basically, each period is about 10 weeks. At the beginning of the competition period, your height and weight is measured. Then, you weigh-in at the end. The end measurement is used as your start measurement for the next period.

The twist is that you are assigned to a team per location. The winning team is the one whose average weight loss percentage is highest. Underweight weight gain is counted as weight-loss. The winning team gets $50 + $5 for each lb lost if you are beyond the healthy range. Unfortunately (well, not really), I am in the healthy range, so the max I can get is $5.

Here is my brief experience with the program:

- August to October: $5; my team came in second; total weight lost: about 1 lb
- October to January: $50 + $5; my team WON; total weight lost: about 4 lb
- January to April?: ???; the teams were broken up into smaller ones (go GREEN team!); not sure how I will do due to my inpropensity to lose anymore weight, but I wouldn't mind just staying the same!

Their site has cool activity and food logs, though I think they can be found on many fitness sites these days. I definitely underutilized this site, as I was often too busy. And I definitely lack accountability when it comes to my food consumption! Maybe a smart phone would be more helpful.

If you are in the corporate HR arena, feel free to check it out! A fit employee is a happy employee!

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  1. This program seems to be working great for you. I hope it spreads to other companies. Maybe I need to forward this out HR people. :D