Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vegan Bars

One area I haven't explored much is raw food. I did a review on a raw bar previously, but with all the "food in bar form" reviews that I do, I should dedicate some time trying these versions as well.

And where to go for those? Whole Foods, of course.

***Rant Alert -- in this paragraph!***
Here's a picture of the actions of some self-indulgent person who thought that parking laws do not apply to them. Yes, I know you're at Whole Foods, shopping just like the rest of us. No, having a nice car does not exclude you from the law. If there's no more parking on the street, go into the parking structure like everyone else and don't squeeze in those who DID find street parking (i.e., me!). Sorry, this kind of entitlement enrages me.


First up in this "bar brigade" is NOT raw (though I thought it was when I picked it up)... this NuGo Go Free carrot-cake flavored bar. I found this disappointing. The bar was not that dense/filling and had a syrupy flavor that was supposed to remind me of carrot cake. I know this bar is noble, but I would only eat it again because it has 160 calories and 9 grams of protein:

Next up... GoRaw. I really liked this seedy bar. It didn't fall apart, and the taste was addictive. I liked the mouth-feel of this bar with the little perfect seeds. It was so flavorful that I would not think it was raw...

These Raw Revolution bars are quite popular. They remind me much of Larabars. They are moist and sweet. For the price, I would rather eat Larabars, but these are good as well.

Finally, here is this Macrobar in Sesame Berry. I also liked this bar with all the little seeds. I think this is the second best of the lot on this page. I must like chewy bars! But anyway, Macrobar was the raw bar with the most choices available. I'd like to try the other flavors!

I think at some point this year, I will try doing a raw food thing for some period of time. It's hard enough doing "vegan," but raw vegan... hmmm. With foods like this, though, it shouldn't be THAT bad.

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  1. The raw food thing is awesome. Good thing you have access to a food processor now. It will make raw meal prep more fun and flavorful. I was only able to do the raw food thing for breakfast and lunch. Looking forward to those posts though, as I do love raw food.