Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Photo Entry 10: Wake Up in the Morning Feeling Like P Diddy

I'm already at my tenth "Random Photo Entry," and to make up for the relatively shorter ones, here's an extra large one.

Above: Lo and behold, training binders. Nobody told me that my job requires lifting ability, but hauling these things is good exercise!

Above: This element of my job requires little lifting -- training evaluations! Now this is what I'm talking about!

Above: My new camera was put to good use here, wasn't it? I have to get to our training hotel as the sun is rising, but on this particular morning, I had to whip out my camera. My sister Tea Time wonders how I ever got a blog readership using my Moto-Razr phone to take pictures. I'm still going to be using both!

Above: Another early-morning shot.

Above: Gummies from the UK that we bought at (Cost Plus) World Market. I am a huge fan of this place, which sells imports of house stuff and food. I always fall victim to candy here, but these were particularly good -- very chewy, and comes in yummy flavors like pear and black currant.

Above: Another procurement from World Market. This dark-chocolate graham cracker with sea salt was shared by "The Ukrainian" and me for dessert last night.

Above: We bought a partially-baked baguette from the local supermarket, and due to my over-adherence to the directions, it came out a little overdone... but still good.

Above: On one of the stormy days this week, I took refuge in front of the fireplace. "The Ukrainian" joined me, and dinner turned out to be a fire-side picnic. Picture courtesy of self-timer!

Above: Ahhh, toasty! Another self-timed picture!

Above: Finally, I told "The Ukrainian" that I could post his unwanted engineering books to sell online if he provided all the critical info. I do this, and most of my books sell... eventually. Anyway, this is a partial screen shot of the appraisal I did. An estimated sell-total is the lower right-hand corner. If even half of this amount is wheeled in, I'm going to demand a fancy dinner... just kidding!

Unfortunately, school starts tomorrow, so my winter break is over. It's not like I actually had a break, as I pretty much worked all possible days at my old job (save 1 day to go to Mammoth, and Christmas/New Years') and have had to make a transition to the new one.


  1. Wow, love those sky photos! Beautiful.

  2. I agree with tea time, I love the sky pictures! What beautiful colors :-)