Monday, January 17, 2011

La Creperie

I've only been to Las Vegas three times (one instance blogged about HERE and another HERE), but I already have lots of special memories of that place. While I've had buffet, done the pool and lounge thing, I'm sort of a more mellow person who prefers to walk around, browse in stores, play penny slots, and watch TV in my hotel room. (Since I've never had cable TV, one of my weaknesses when I am away from home is that I tend to lose sleep over the hotel cable!)

Still, one of those great memories is discovering La Creperie, which is located inside the Paris Hotel on the strip.

"The Ukrainian" and I must have had about four of these $10 crepes during our first stay in Vegas.

Above: One of these (from memory) an anjou pear with caramel and walnut crepe. The other one was savory (marinana-type)... and look at all that creamy sauce!

And we made sure to pick up two more on our return trip:

Above: Deja vu??? I seriously think that this is the SAME combo as the top pic. Totally not intentional, since we don't really have *favorites*...

Although a bit pricey (though more filling for the buck considering where it is), these crepes are unmatched by any other that I've had. They come in sweet (e.g., peanut butter and nutella, anjou pear and caramel) and savory (e.g., marinara and cheese) and are NOT skimpy in size OR toppings. Seriously, even though my stomach reels at cream-based sauces and other forms of dairy, they are worth the horrid stomachache (though I've never gone that far).

In short, crepes are wonderful! I've even started making my own. Crepes will always be a special dish for us, and I think it was because "The Ukrainian" and I ate so many of them on our first trip away together.

Above: One of our first pictures together, 2008.

Above: The store front. Look at the crowd!

Above: The charming view as you wait in line for these crepes. And yes, it's a wait. And seating is a huge problem. You literally have to be "hawking" other tables and swoop down as soon as someone leaves. When staying at Paris, you can simply retreat to your room, but otherwise, this is a really annoying complication!


  1. I loved the La Creperie. I thought it was even better than the buffet at the Paris casino. Yum!

  2. Looks fun! I've never been to Vegas but would love to go someday. Love your blog name and the tag line :)