Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Real Foods - Corn Thins

After I crossed the finish line recently at the 13.1 Half Marathon in Los Angeles, they were handing out these corn thins as a post run food item along with bananas, apples and bagels. I actually had to throw away my apple and banana from that race since the ones I picked out were both rotten. :( Sad. Anyways, I did not end up eating these corn thins until the following week when I was sitting at my desk one afternoon and got the munchies. These taste just like ricecakes but better. They have a better crunch since they are thinner and taste like plain popcorn. Overall, I like them. Don't these look like drink coasters to you?

I went to the product website (Real Foods) and looks like this company is located in exotic?!? That's far away. You can go to the website to read all about the nutritional info and some "recipes" on how to jazz them up.


  1. I am loving the title :-) That has me snickering here in my chair! Those do look interesting.....

  2. Congrats on finishing the race. I LOVE corn thins. I get them at They are delicious. A pity you didn't enjoy them right away.