Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Misery One-Miler

RunningLaur is hosting another virtual race! To see other virtual races, click here to see everything I've tagged as a "pseudo race report."

When I first saw this, I was thinking, Okay, one mile? That will be cake, and I can bust out many of these. But then I realized that I will be at Mammoth Mountain on this day. Due to finances and simple lack of will, I am not planning on snowboarding with "The Ukrainian," so while he's out doing that, I was thinking about venturing out for a short (one-mile!) run.

I have never, ever run in snow before, and I know this will require extra precaution. I will post my findings (he he) below!

On a related note, I don't find winter miserable at all. Summer is my worst enemy. Whereas one can do something about being cold, nothing short of standing in front of a freezer all day can help me feel comfortable during the summer. Sure, there is rain, traffic, and not being able to wear certain things during the winter, but this means I enjoy snuggling in my bed more, which equates to better sleep. I despise being too hot to even sleep!

And then on an unrelated note, I pretty much have 8 working days left until I change jobs. I'm very excited to not be waking up at 4:30 anymore, although this really made race days a cinch. =P Oh yes, and yesterday was the last day of school for the semester! I'm going to turn in my final paper soon and will hopefully be free of the school beast (save field hours and dissertation) for more than a month. Yeah!!!


Race Report:

So I found myself in Mammoth (temp: 40 during the day) mysteriously feeling bereft of energy, not to mention fearful of the cold and WIND. I spent the huge part of my stay sitting (in the car, of course), working on my dissertation, and eating fries.

I finally did my run on Tuesday, a day late and on a treadmill (indoor temp: 75?). I had just returned from a holiday luncheon during which I partook in 6 pieces of veggie sushi and a few bites of manga sorbet. So really, a mile seemed like quite a feat.

I did it in 9:20. Another half-mile was run before I felt sick from fullness and a weird-smelling guy running near me.

Next up was 40 minutes of circuit training, followed by another .5 mile, 3 miles on the bike, 1.1 miles, and another 3 miles on the bike. I still didn't have any appetite until the morning.

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  1. So cool that you'll be running in the snow - that's exactly what the race is all about!! Have a fun time!