Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vapur: The Anti-Bottle

I gave Vapur water bottles to a bunch of people for Christmas, because I kept feeling so untrendy still drinking out of a plastic water bottle.

I'm sure you've heard about the energy costs to make/ship water bottles, in addition to potentially dangerous chemicals contained by them. I never took heed to any of that, but I thought I'd at least try something new. Either way, I am a huge water-bottle user, so even if I can just have a convenient water bottle like Vapur, a new habit might be worth undertaking.

The "bottles" are flexible and basically come flat. When filled with water, it expands to a point where it is able to stand on its own. It holds about the same amount as a normal bottle but stands slightly taller than them.

It comes with a sport-type (aka, squirty) cap. It claims to be easy to keep clean and able to be rolled up upon completion. It even comes with a belt-loop clip. These functions seem to work for me, though it will take a while to see if I will get used to this in my purse.

Obviously, I will not take it to the park on my runs, but at my desk at work, going out, and even on the treadmill, I can see myself using this bottle. I'm sure I will get many curious questions about it, and I'll be happy to share the info about it and its cause.



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