Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nike Fit-Dry Capris

I'm posting this while I'm still on my post-marathon high! =D While I am excited to resume running, I've just been doing other things and eating a little more than usual. The eating is not intentional, but I think my increased appetite is being caused by a combination of gradual post-race calorie replacement and hormones.

Anyway, I don't really own too many Nike things, nor do I typically run in anything but shorts. However, I wore these capris for the first time during my recent marathon and found them not to be a bother at all!

I got these at a Nike Factory Outlet store for less than $30. I wish they had black ones (mine is that reddish gray color), but I guess I'm unique now. They were having a 30% sale on top of their already reduced prices. The original cost of the capris (may not be the exact picture -- see me running in them in my race report) was $55.

I always worry about wearing anything tight due to body-image issues, but Tea Time and "The Ukrainian" convinced me that it looked just fine on me. So I sported it on race day and found that the tightness (it wasn't pinching my waist, which was good) held my muscles together. My cramping was limited, though I am not sure if it was the pants... =)

The second worry I had, also dispelled, was that the cut-off part below the knees, as tight as it seemed, would chafe me or cut off my circulation. No such thing happened!

The best part is the zip-pocket in the back. I was able to fit my driver's license, hotel room card, and two gels effortlessly. I hardly noticed it while running or walking around. At one point, my hands got too frozen to unzip it, but for normal use, it works wonderfully. I pinned a third one to the left side of the capris and barely noticed it (no sagging) as well.

Overall, if I run in cold conditions again (anything below high 40's) -- which I'm sure I will, I at least have these capris to do it in. A So-Cal girl like me is more into shorts!

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  1. Great review! I love the dri-fit capris :) I also have some that are compression too and I love them!!!! Great when it's not quite cold enough for running tights but, it sounds like you need some dri fit gloves :)