Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mission Skincare Anti-Friction Cream

I was really skeptical of the effectiveness of this cream when I used it the morning of my recent marathon. It was a sample that was included in our race packets at the Expo.

My skepticism came from the relative thin-ness of the cream. It felt literally like a cream. This is in constrast to Aquaphor, which feels very thick and Vaseline-like. I put the Mission Cream on the susceptible parts of my body as shown:
Gotta love the depiction, huh? Basically, this stuff went under my arms and between my upper thighs. Surprisingly, I still had some leftover in the small packet. I caught "The Ukrainian" using the rest of it, which I had left on the bathroom counter, in addition to his.

The end result? For the first time ever, no post-marathon chafe-pain! This could be due to the vast amount of clothing I was wearing, or the fact that I probably wasn't as sweat-drenched as usual, but "The Ukrainian" reported that he didn't chafe on his ankle (from his shoes rubbing against it). So the verdict between the two of us is that this stuff is effective!

See the link below for more information. A nice-sized bottle (and I seem to not use much at a time) runs for $12.95.
Link: http://www.missionskincare.com/product/highperformance-antifriction-cream.html

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