Tuesday, December 1, 2009

iPod Nano (5th Generation)

In a very whimsical move, I bought a new iPod nano ($149 retail - but mine was less than this) on Black Friday. Apple was having an uncharacteristic sale, and I decided to jump on it. I know I had wanted a Touch model ($199 retail), but running with it would have damaged it... along with the fact that there's no easy song-changing with that thing.

And now, it is currently in transit to my home and will be waiting for me when I get there tonight.

So I went with this video-taking device that is about the same size as my current iPod. I don't think I have much use for the video feature, voice recording, or any of that, though. What drew me in was the FM tuner and song-tagging. Imagine... no more me trying desperately to remember the song playing on the radio. Now I can just tag it by pushing a button. Although I wish it had AM radio as well (I am a big fan of KNX 1070/News), I will settle for FM!

Another change will be the color. I thought about green again, but for a change, I went with this red version. I believe these "red" products go to AIDS foundations. Size-wise, I'm going from 4GB to 8GB. This means that I can put any and all songs I have on here, along with the album art, without worrying about maxing out the space.

I don't know if this new guy will fit in my current running belt clip, but I'm hoping it will. The newer versions of these are not well-made, according to websites I've visited. The external dimensions match, but this iPod is thinner, so we'll see later today, I suppose. I obviously must find a solution to run with this, lest my purchase be in vain. I already hate spending on something I already technically have...

But as for my current iPod, "The Ukrainian" has taken interest in it and has offered to buy it from me. We have a similar deal on for when I finally get a new, more portable laptop. He has never had an iPod and is in serious need of a new laptop, and given that both of these are still in great condition, I guess I can do this without too much awkwardness (?????).

I guess I can consider this a holiday gift to myself, though I got myself some makeup for my birthday this past year and a laptop/iPod/Garmin all within a few weeks for my birthday more than two-and-a-half years ago. Or maybe this is a "new job" gift.

Note on "new job": I am finally leaving my job that I despise, effective 1/4/2010. This one in within a 10-mi radius of my house, which will definitely save me commuting time. It will count for my required 1400 field hours for school... which means that I will be doing something in my own field!!! It is a learning analytics group, which means we launch and evaluate training. I'm excited to be doing Human Resources stuff again... and this time, I only have to keep one job and stay (relatively) focused!

Also, this is considered a promotion (though not monetarily) because I'm going from the highest intern-level to a level-2 analyst. That's above entry level... my degree has enabled me to do something else besides copying... yay!


  1. yeahh on the new job and the ipod!! Hope you have fun in vegas.

    If you want to meet up at the convention or anything just shoot me an email. amandacbrooks at yahoo

  2. Congratulations on the new job! I need to look into getting a new ipod. I have the ipod shuffle and I feel like I need more :-)