Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Asian Spammers

I'm back with a brief post... I've tightened the security settings on my Comments in hopes that I won't be getting so many messages like the one you see here.

I'm still alive, closing out the last few days at my current job. I also got approval from two senior vice-presidents at my company to run my dissertation study once I'm ready. Great to get my name out there for when I make it... big!

I had a great Christmas and made out with some really cool loot from my sisters (you may be hearing about them in future posts). We celebrated my younger sister's 20th birthday, and tonight, I will be off to celebrate my best friend's 25th. I know that 2010 will be another busy year, so I'm trying my best to relax as much as possible and enjoy these last few days of '09.

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