Friday, November 13, 2009

Worst 20 Ever!

There is nothing quite like celebrating Friday the 13th with a nice little 20-miler, my second within the past month toward my upcoming marathon.

Above: Waiting to pick up "The Ukrainian" from work. Thank goodness for decent (high 60's, low 70's) weather that allows me to run during the day without dying!!

Above: First mile; I have had an abdominal strain (which I thought was a hernia) this week, in spite of my best efforts to rest it before this big run. So I found myself unable to carry the extra weight of my phone in my shorts pocket and dropped it off in the car.

Above: We went to Hometown Buffet afterward, and I had trouble finishing this plate because I was feeling so nauseated. Definitely didn't get the $$$ worth or regain the four pounds that went away while running... =(

This run went so slowly that I'm embarrassed to report the total time. It was going well for the first 14-15-ish miles, but we had to take walk breaks after that point because I was exhausted and just could barely go on. I felt bad for slowing my partner down, but he didn't take off like I had suggested. My hurting abs made it hard for me to breathe or push too hard, and I think in the earlier miles we were running at 9-min mile or less pace, which is not my thing... as was seen by my later crash. I have never felt so bad after a run before... hurting everywhere, feeling nauseated, and totally out of it. Hope it was just a Friday the 13th fluke. And to think I had wanted to try to do more than 20... that would have been downright impossible! On the bright side, nobody stole my water bottle this time...

Regardless, this now begins my "taper" period. I'm going to spend this time strengthening my core and hopefully getting over my weird injury that I don't even know how I got.

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  1. The bonus is that you can look back on this awful run during your marathon & know that you can HANDLE it!

    Good job pushing through that.